Branding Technique 101: Leveraging your Brand Influencers


Communicating effectively with your audience is no small feat for Brands in today’s Digital Landscape. Social Media networks have become an essential channel to get your message to the right consumers in a timely manner. There is no longer a need for statistics about making purchase decisions online, it is common knowledge heading into 2017 that without an online presence Brands will become ghosts along with the VHS and Pokémon GO.

Successful Brands engage with their consumers on review sites, Facebook and Instagram and provide reinforcement to motivate these consumers to spread their appreciation for the products or services. A key to any successful Brand is leveraging your Brand Influencers. Engaging with your top influencers leads to a stronger relationship with your audience, added value through social proof, and improved brand positioning in the market. Building trust stems from consumers speaking highly of your products and this arises from your Brand Influencers.

When creating content, Brands should focus on creating content with value, motivating your Brand Influencers to share and engage with your content which leads to an increase in your target audience. Get to know your audience, your Brand Influencers are great places to start. What are their interests, do they love the outdoors, are they “Foodies”, this information will fuel your communication strategies and strengthen your relationship with your audiences and boost your Return on Engagement.

Finding and utilizing your Brand Influencers is the tricky part. Many Analytics tools use a Klout Score, which references frequency of posts and is not the complete picture. Brands must consider the influencers’ audience, and expertise when choosing whom best to engage with. Semeon Analytics utilizes a unique Influencer Network to find the most influential people within your industry.

Brand Influencers, trusted advisors for industries online, have become more important today than ever before. With consumers resorting to Ad Blockers, Brands need to find new ways to effectively engage with their audiences that does not involve Interruption Marketing or advertisements that follow you around from site to site.

If you would like to learn about more ways to create effective and dynamics marketing strategies, contact Semeon Analytics for free Brand Consultation.

About Semeon: Based in Montreal, Canada, Semeon combines the best semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis. Thanks to its 100 person-years of experience with natural language processing systems, our team of experts has developed a unique platform that affords Semeon’s customers the ability to track what is being said about their brands, products, customers, competitors and helps them do so more rapidly and efficiently than with competing products.


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