Intent Analytics brings real Insights to Social Media and Big Data teams


Social Media and Big Data analytics are inefficient business tools until they take advantage of purchase intent, sentiment, and consumer behaviour.

Without Intent, Social Media Analytics produces flawed and shallow results. Those who can harness the power of consumer intentions, will stay ahead of the competition, create a better relationship with consumers, and sell more effectively. Consumers have more choice than ever, and perform a large portion of their research online while marketers still advertise without utilizing the power of timely and effective user data.

Marketing is more and more about targeted and timely approaches utilizing data to predict purchase cycles for consumers. With Intent Analysis, companies have the ability to send out a targeted coupon to someone who has been comparing products online, or motivate a brand advocate who plans to speak the good word about your company. In the end it better helps you leverage data online and in your business tools and provides insights that benefit multiple departments in a company.

Intent Classifiers

Intent to Inform

“Hey have you guys tried the new Pokémon GO!? it lags but I’m already addicted!”

Intent to Compare

“What has more battery life, the IPhone 6S or the Samsung Galaxy 7?”

Intent to Purchase

“Planning to pick up a new road bike, any suggestions?”

Intent Analysis provides companies and brands with rich information on not only what people are talking about but how they interact with your products and services in the past, but more importantly in the future. It is true that people do not outright, explicitly, communicate their intentions:

This is why Intent Analytics takes a Machine Learning and Semantic approach to the massive amount of data. Intent action items are key indicators on how your customers and prospects interact with your offerings, how they discuss amongst each other, and how they will interact with your products in the future.

Intent Analysis can also be applied to inbound emails sent to customer service departments, contact center feedback, and data stored in CRM systems.

Smart Analysts will utilize these results to help create effective Marketing Campaigns, personal and targeted advertising, and predictive customer service among other benefits.

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