Why counting “likes” doesn’t make any money


With developments in technology in tandem with the requirement for meaningful social media analysis, what makes good social media analytics in 2015? What distinguishes what can be done today, from what passed for analytics just a few years ago? Firstly, there’s depth and sophistication. It’s really all about the depth with social data analysis. Sentiment analysis is a powerful concept, but social media analytics takes into consideration factors such as semantics, context and content in addition to sentiment, to provide a depth and sophistication of insight. The second is real-time analytics. An hour is a long time in social media, so analysis of Human Data has to be real-time to be effective. What is relevant in the morning might not be later that day, so it’s imperative to analyze data immediately. Finally, all content holds value: although Twitter and Facebook are the two poster-children for social data, there is also immense value in other social networks, and also the comments that people leave on blogs and news articles. At Semeon we work with all social networks, blogs, consumer review sites and all other websites. We are able to skip a step by automatically, statistically and semantically analyzing data in real time. This creates true and accurate data analysis.

Another key trait of social media analytics in 2015 is that turn-key applications need to deliver instant insights to customers, powered by an intelligent platform for analyzing social media conversations and replacing traditional market research, Semeon’s platform provides the following:

  • Speed: Data is indexed from hundreds of thousands of social media sites and can be queried in real time;
  • Intelligence: Data can be analyzed across a multitude of languages with SDL’s natural language processing, machine learning, and proprietary machine translation capabilities;
  • Accuracy: Using intelligent algorithms in order to properly identify relevant documents and filtering spam, Semeon offers more accurate results.
  • Better Business Intelligence: Patented analytic applications measure key performance indicators that map to business objectives, including purchase intent and brand advocacy.

Thankfully social media analytics has come a long way. Although many brands are still stuck in the quantitative dark ages of counting likes and mentions. Semeon is looking ahead to providing what we believe to be the best social media analytics tool out there.


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