Fuel your Business Decisions with Dynamics 365 Data

ins_365-licensing_v1What is the main business tool that Sales and Marketers both use on a daily basis? CRM, the business platform that collects and houses an immense amount of your customer’s data. Third-party applications make CRM tools more powerful, and increase the amount of data being fed into the system. Add-ons such as Marketing Automation Software allow for automated email campaigns from the CRM system while collecting user data from email responses. How are you optimizing your sales and marketing efforts without first listening and understanding your customers? Effective campaigns are customer-driven, and what better to use than the data already at your team’s disposal.

Semeon Insights platform employs the power of Artificial Intelligence to sift through all of your customer data to create insights that fuel better business decisions. The Holy Grail is aligning your campaigns with the wants and needs of your customers. Market leaders can respond to customer issues quickly if they are listening to all their channels, and proactively adjust their latest communication strategies by gauging public opinion. Consumers are overexposed to content coming from brands, and this leads to less effective messaging compared to reviews coming from the industry Influencers. Leveraging your Brand influencers provides your consumers with product updates and incentive to purchase from the highest respected opinions in the industry. If you are listening to all your communication channels effectively, your teams will optimize brand influencers with the concepts and ideas that mold public opinion the most.

To get there you need to analyze and understand data coming in from multiple sources, such as Social Media data, Blogs, comment sections, and to combine this with your CRM data to create a 360-degree view of your customers. Combining data from your CRM and your social channels, the interactions between customers and between the customers and your company, allows you to stay ahead of your competition with Actionable Insights.

The type of data Semeon can analyze from CRM includes; sales notes, email responses, customer service interactions, competitor information, basically text that is either structured or unstructured. Semeon Analytics allows you and your teams to quickly understand public opinion, to drive higher engagement and close more deals. Semeon handles any type of textual data, whether it be structured (in forms) or unstructured (free-form such as blogs) and transforms this wealth of data into Actionable Insights

you and your teams can use everyday. If you are ready to optimize your sales and marketing efforts contact us today for a free consultation today!

About Semeon: Based in Montreal, Canada, Semeon combines the best semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis. Thanks to its 100 person-years of experience with natural language processing systems, our team of experts has developed a unique platform that affords Semeon’s customers the ability to track what is being said about their brands, products, customers, competitors and helps them do so more rapidly and efficiently than with competing products.


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